Marina & Alex

Social media.. people have different opinions about it. I like it. I may not share posts about my bad days and ugly lob-sided hair buns, but that’s just because I like to keep it light over there… I like getting connected to people I otherwise would have never met if it wasn’t for Instagram or Snapchat. Marina is one of those people. She is beautiful on social media and in real life. She is mom goals for sure. She is that one mom that inspires me to run up and down the stairs every once in a while because she is FIT! And I wouldn’t mind being fit too. I mean, she has 4 kids (youngest being just 8 months old).

So here are some photos of Marina and Alex. They’ve been married for almost 11 years. They basically laughed like 80% of the time that I took pictures of them. I love that. Laughing couples are my kinda people!

I hope you guys enjoy these photos of them.