Beautiful Soul

A few years ago I heard this somewhere… I don’t remember where or who said it, but it stuck with me.. In order to have a good, well rounded life, you must hang out with 3 types of people: those who are like you, those who are older and wiser than you, and those who are younger than you. Those who are like you will make life fun on a daily basis. Those who are older and wiser than you will teach and inspire you. And those who are younger than you will keep you young at heart and will make you want to be a good example for them.

She is my someone older and wiser. She is full of life and full of smiles. She is tireless… at 72 years old she is as energetic, strong, and vibrant as my 30 year old friends. Her positive and calm spirit is contagious… When I look at her, I see someone who is living and loving her purpose in life. She is my midwife… my Nancy. I asked her why she keeps doing what she’s doing and not even thinking about retiring. She just smiled at me and said, “Oh honey, this isn’t a job. It’s my life. Babies keep me young!” And I love that she helped bring both of my babies into this world. I wouldn’t change a thing about my birth experiences… not a thing.

I wanted to capture her soul in these photographs; her beautiful soul. I hope she inspires and influences many more people.