About Lana Babiy


Lana here.

I love pictures. I love taking them, looking through them, editing them. I’m one of those people who wants to take pictures of everything and everyone around me. Photographing people, especially people in love, is my absolute favorite. We all age, but how awesome it is to have little bits and pieces of our lives captured for ever? I know I always go back and look through pictures of my kids, our family… trips, vacations, and the everyday life. I’m all about that real, genuine, in-the-moment, un-staged, not awkwardly posed type of photography.

I’m married to the geekiest guy I know (yep, that’s us there in the photo, taken by my talented friend, Julie Bulanov). Together we have 2 incredible little boys, who seem to be following into their daddy’s footsteps… and me, well I have a thing for a good cup of coffee, a great pair of jeans, sunshine, and a good picture. So here I’ll be sharing some of my best photographs.

I hope you check back here and watch me grow.

Email: [email protected]